Badass Boomer Women in our 50's, 60's and 70's

Annemarie Juhlian, Moderator

Badass Boomer Women, LLC

Welcome to Our Modern TRIBE of Gutsy Badass Boomer Women in our 50s, 60s, 70s

We are tickled sunflower yellow that you have found your way to us, Badass Boomer Women, an irreverent and fun-loving tribe of gutsy, curious and vibrant Badass Babes, in our late 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

We invite you to join our Private Facebook Group where we reclaim joy, renew purpose and invigorate our lives with new friendships, profound challenge and risk, titillating opportunities, and soul slamming fun and adventure. Simply, we are all about badassing (boldly living) our way through our 3rd Act.

If you are all about new buddies for the journey, reciprocity, learning (fun!), and purposeful action, this is your delicious kick-in-the-butt to blend up an enhanced life smoothie.  Together, let’s revel in our wackadoodle weirdness and new-found devotion to thriving as a Badass Boomer Woman (a Badassa).

If this becoming and ‘belonging’ resonates with you, join our Mothership (Private Facebook Group), and engage with, and be inspired by, other Badassas who are re-writing what it means to boldly age and thrive in our 3rd Act.

As our gift, please download ‘The Badassa,’ a 1-page smarty-pants ‘remembering guide’ to activate courage, choices, possibilities and ultimately, contentment.




GROW. With Colon Cramping Courage.

Badass Boomer Women invites you to join our Private Facebook Group, to give and receive within our contemporary tribe of fabulous Badass Boomer Beauties. Together, let’s activate new possibilities and opportunities with colon cramping courage.

THRIVE. With Kindergarten Curiosity.

Within our Private Facebook Group, get ready to giggle, learn anew, connect and thrive. You’ll also receive updates and invitations on upcoming Gatherings and Events, on-line and in-person:  webinars, salon evenings and weekend retreats.

Simply, there is no better way to meet and be inspired by other amazing and like-minded Badass Babes, within a positive, radically honest, curious and nurturing space…always with kindergarten curiosity.

EMBRACE. Your Wackadoodle Weirdness.

As a Tribe, we are all about new friendships and opportunities, the art of reciprocity (giving and receiving) and sparkly fun, as we learn, grow, take risks, scare ourselves, find comfort and fully embrace our wackadoodle weirdness in our 3rd act.

We are about being real, fabulous and sparkly badass (because we can!).

So, Badassa, come on over and play with us within our Private Facebook Group.


definition, Badassa

Badass Boomer Women -- two women having fun



A gutsy, restless and fun-loving Boomer Woman and Rebel, badassing (boldly living) her 3rd Act. 

With gratitude, She embraces her uncertainty, changes, possibilities, and losses, with colon cramping courage, kindergarten curiosity, and freaky age-defying gusto.

Badassa Gift to You


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