Badassing Your 3rd Act. Damn! You’ve Found Your ‘Friendship Tribe’ of Badass Boomer Babes, For Your Next Steps…

If you are reading this, sweet Badassa, we are tickled sunflower yellow that YOU have found your way to us, your Tribe.  Welcome back to the Mothership.

With this, we ponder the possibility that too many of our Boomer Sisters are succumbing to an isolated, resigned, medicated, ass sitting and flat-lined old school way of traditional aging.


Badassing your life, in your 3rd Act, isn’t for the faint hearted.

It’s unnerving and unfamiliar to put yourself first.  Yes, YOU FIRST, Darling.

It’s damn scary to upset the status quo and deliciously claim what is delightfully truly yours. 

It’s allegedly indelicate and un-lady like to say (okay, shout!) ‘Fuck!’ in public and like it. 

It’s damn freaky to utter, ‘hell no,’ or ‘hell yes,’ and to make shifts, choices and changes that may be perceived as insane in a moment, and so damn good for all that is to come.


Navigating these last decades is indeed tough and sometimes very alone shit.

Strapping on a power pack of new agreements and covenants at this age and stage, may temporarily cramp your colon and shatter predictable life routines. 

AND still, YOU CHOOSE the heart and way of a Badass Boomer Woman, a Badassa, knowing…

Badassing Your Life in your 3rd Act may have you on your knees as you navigate loss and profound changes, uncertainty and possibilities, in a way that makes people around you question if you’ve lost oxygen to your brain, or if your compression socks are too tight. 

Despite fear, betrayal or loss, or heart wrenching feelings of uncertainty, you get that everything about you evolves around choice and living fully beyond your wounds.

Badassing Your Life will re-power your life with newness, forcing you to question the status quo, as you thrive with new alliances, possibilities, adventures and friendships.  It’s about stepping out of old crap (literally) and living a rollercoaster of life renewal.  It’s about titillating your heart with the profound knowing it is time to blend up a new life smoothie.

Ultimately, Badassing has you busting out, in the best of ways, with girlish exhilaration, as you embrace a new-found courage and gusto, and a new texture and life rhythm, re-taking your 3rd Act, in rebel style.

As a Badassa, a fabulous, feisty and heart-centered Badass Boomer Woman, everything about this new life lens initiates you into welcoming Tribe of like-minded women, where things are fully about YOU.

Yes, YOU.  We’ll get to ‘others’ in a bit.


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p.s.  Join our Private Facebook Group Here:

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Annemarie Juhlian, Badass Founder

Annemarie Juhlian

Badass Boomer Women Founder