Friendship 101: Badass Boomer Woman, Here Is The #1 ‘Thing’ To DO To Make New Friends.

Earlier today, I was at a morning cupcake and coffee/tea fest with 12 Badassas from our Seattle, Washington Chapter of Badass Boomer Women. 12 Badass Boomer Beauties, all smart, interesting, interested, crazy-ass funny, tarty, smart mouthed, smashingly nervy and eclectic.  This is my short list of positive attributes.

As we talked our way through our morning coffee/tea and sugar, welcoming 9 women as first-timers, the conversation turned to making new friends.  Here is what I heard and what I’ve been hearing for the past 3 years, working intimately with Boomer Women.

It’s fuckin’ hard to make a good new friend.  It takes time to make new friends.  I am tired. You have to put yourself out there and face rejection.Finding new friends, especially when you no longer working, gets more difficult.I’m lonely, so lonely. I don’t know how to connect…or I have trouble connecting.I don’t know how to make friends; I’m a freak.I’m new to the area and I have no idea where to start to make a friend.

I get it.  Creating, nurturing and protecting a friendship, in our late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s, is a fragile thing, especially a new friendship or alliance. AND making new friends and creating new community is what we all yearn for.  So, darling Badassa, I offer a ONE easy peasy pearl of badass wisdom to help you create and garden a new circle of friendships.
Put out the DAMN INVITE!
What?  Yup.  Yes.  Amen, Sister.

Don’t sit around on your ass expecting someone else to invite you out.  When you meet a women you like, or are drawn to someone as a potential friend, immediately invite her out – in person, via text, an email.  Or holy hell, call her up on the phone! And you thought I was going to provide you with a smartypants top 10 list of friendmaking?
Darling Badassa, creating a new friendship, two or three requires courage, and the knowing that if someone doesn’t respond or blows you off, that it’s time to ‘next them,’ and move on to another possible friendship prospect. In my experience, way too many darling Boomer Women hang back, waiting for the friendship train to come to them.  Within our evolving and growing tribe of Badass Boomer Women, we are about reciprocity and the knowing that if we want what we want, it’s going to take guts and grace to make new friends.

So, invite, invite. Built up your ‘invite muscle.’ I dare you.


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Annemarie Juhlian, Badass Founder

Annemarie Juhlian

Badass Boomer Women Founder